Monday, June 16, 2008

June 17th-21st: Workshop, Conferences, Exhibition & Live Performance by French Graffiti Artists

Dates, Times & Venue:
Workshop 1 - June 17th 2008 (4-8pm)
Workshop 2 - June 18th 2008 (3-7pm)
Spray Painting Conference - June 19th 2008 (2:30pm) - Senate room, UBD
Exhibition - June 20th - Multipurpose Hall, UBD
Live Performance - June 21st (2pm onwards) - 1st Floor, The Mall, Gadong
Other Info:
French graffiti artists are Dezer, Migwel and Keflione
The trio will talk about the graffiti movement and their interpretations of the art
There is a 25-person limit for each workshop
During live performance, there will be an exhibitionwhere customised t-shirts done by the artists are up for grabs
For those interested in the upcoming events, contact: Alliance Francaise at 265 4245

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