Friday, August 31, 2007

Sept 2nd: SMARTER Brunei Car Boot Sale

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Sept 1st-2nd: BSC Inter-Club Swimming Championship

Date: September 1st - 2nd 2007
Venue: Hassanal Bolkiah National Sports Complex, Brunei


  • Brunei Swimming Club (BSC)
  • Dolphins Swimming Club (DSC)
  • Mabohai Sea-Lion Swimming Team (MSST)
  • Skim Renang (SKIM)
  • Open Group (18 and above)
  • Group 1 (15-17)
  • Group 2 (13-14)
  • Group 3 (11-12)
  • Group 4 (9-10)
  • Group 5 (8 and below)
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Sept 1st-2nd: HSBC 60th Anniversary Sale Roadshow

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Sept 1st-2nd: International Women's Club (IWC) Charity Bazaar

Date: September 1st - 2nd 2007
Venue: 7th Floor, Centrepoint Hotel, Gadong
Other Info:

  • Proceeds would go towards the club's charity fund where the International Women's Club (IWC) hope to help a less fortunate family in Kg Lumapas as well as a woman aged 65 years and living all alone in Temburong
  • More than 30 exhibitors (local and international) are expected
For further information,please contact: IWC's representatives at 8745614, 8720990, 8727196 or 8715988. Read On!...

Sep 2nd: Sheraton Utama UNICEF Awareness Campaign

We posted this here before but just a reminder to all again:

Date: Sunday, September 2nd 2007
Entrance Fee: $1 (Donated to UNICEF)
What's there:

  • Mini exhibition
  • Colouring Contest for Kids
  • Display of re-enactment to show comparison between the environment that we are living in to those in third world countries
  • A wish tree that will be set up where guests are able to place their notes for just a small donation on the tree for the less fortunate children
  • Information about UNICEF will be displayed on the walls for guests who are interested in the UNICEF cause and challenge
For more information, please contact: 2244272 Read On!...

Aug 30th-Sept 8th: International Expo

Date: August 30th - September 8th 2007
Time: 10am to 10pm
Venue: Pusat Kommersial Perdangangan Bumi Putera, BSB
What's on sale: Includes home appliances, handbags and fashion accessories

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Aug 29th-Sept 2nd: Ria 61 Multi-variety Exhibition and Sale

Date: August 29th - September 2nd 2007
Time: 10am - 10pm
Venue: Old Custom Wharf, Bandar Seri Begawan
What's there:

  • Over 80 stalls that exhibit new and vintage cars, and motorcycles as well as selling takeaway food, fruits and groceries
  • Main exhibition featuring 14 stalls, 30 stalls for grocery items, 28 stalls for takeaway food, six fruit stalls and six eatery stalls
  • Cultural shows such as gulingtangan and memukun
  • Karaoke singing competition - three categories namely Veteran (age 40 and above), Youth (18 to 35) and Duet (for husband and wives only)
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Sept 9th: First Junior Golf Clinic

Date of First Clinic: Saturday, Sept 1st 2007
Time: From 9 am to 10 am
Venue: Empire Country Club's driving range, Jerudong
Conducted by: One of the Asian Tour Golf professionals who will be playing at the upcoming Brunei Open 2007
For Ages: Between 12 to 16 years
Other Info:

  • The second golf clinic will be held at a later dateand will be conducted by Ahmad Bateman, the Empire Hotel & Country Club's Resident Golf Professional
  • Limit of 10 persons for the golf clinic
  • Spaces will be awarded on a first-come-first-serve basis
  • The 10 persons for the first clinic will then be invited back for the second clinic
If interested, please sign up via e-mail: Read On!...

Sept 9th: Heart Day

Date: Sunday, September 9th 2007
Venue: Jerudong Park Playground

  • Aerobics & walk around Jerudong Park
  • Quiz on Heart Disease - Get information on heart disease from posters in particular shops
  • Demonstration on healthy food by some of the top hotels in Brunei Darussalam at Jerudong Park Playground
  • Ccolouring contest for Youth & Children (Registration forms for the colouring contest will be available at the National Dental Centre at the Old Airport, Berakas)
  • Food demonstrations, street soccer and a colouring contest
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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Until Sept 3rd: Family Shopping Festival Expo

Date: August 25th - September 3rd 2007
Time: 10am to 10pm
Venue: Hua Ho Petani Mall, Tutong
What's there:

  • Fun games such as spin-a-wheel, colouring contest, and Tasconi's pizza-eating contest; mascot show, musical show and free bouncers
  • The Jerudong Park and Country Club will entertain the public with their performances on September 2nd 2007
  • Grand Lucky Draw on September 3rd at 8.30pm
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Aug 27th-Sept 5th: Book Festival 2007

Date: August 27th - September 5th 2007
Time: 9am to 10pm
Venue: Muhibah Hall, Brunei & Muara District Office, Old Airport Road, Berakas Read On!...

Sept 1st-2nd: DHS Pixies Garage Sale

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Monday, August 27, 2007

September 7th-9th: 5th Brunei National Conference on Autism 2007

For more information, click here
Photo credits: SMARTERBrunei Multiply
(Thanks to Marul for the info)

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Aug 30th-Sept 2nd: Brunei Open 2007

Date: August 30th - September 2nd 2007
Venue: The Empire Hotel & Country Club
Admission: Free
For more information, click:
Asian Tour Site Read On!...

Aug 27th-Sept 9th: Rizqun Malaysia and Indonesia Food Promotion

Date: August 27th - September 9th 2007
Venue: Rizqun Coffee House, The Mall, Gadong
Prices: $18 Adult & $ 10 Child
What's there:

  • Gado Gado
  • Otak Otak
  • Soto Ayam Betawi
  • Sup Tulang Rawan Berempah
  • Daging Bakar Air Asam
  • Kambing Goreng Belado
  • Satay Kajang
  • Satay Lilit.. and many more
For more information and reservation, contact: 2423000 ext 7811 Read On!...

Aug 28th-30th: Road Safety Week Campaign

Date: August 28th - 30th 2007
Venue: "The Big Top", OGDC, Seria Read On!...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Aug 28th: Total Lunar Eclipse

Date: Tuesday, August 28th 2007
Visible between: 6:25pm - 8:24pm

Other Info:

  • Unlike solar eclipses, lunar eclipse is completely safe to watch
  • Providing the weather was clear people can see the phenomena from their homes
  • Telescopes are also set up at Serasa Water Sports Complex for the public to view the eclipse from 6.00 pm till 9.00 pm
  • Activities include Free skywatching with telescopes and astronomy talks
Photo Credit: Brunei Astronomy Read On!...

Friday, August 24, 2007

Aug 26th: Anti-Drugs Walkathon

Date: Sunday, August 26th 2007
Time: 7 am
Venue: Plaza Tengah, Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Complex, Bandar Seri Begawan Read On!...

Aug 26th-29th: Inforama Showcase

Date: August 26th - August 29th 2007
Time: From 10am to 10pm
Venue: The Mall, Gadong Read On!...

Aug 26th: Domestic Science Exhibition

Date: Sunday, August 26th 2007
Venue: International Convention Centre, Berakas
What's there: Amongst other things, the launching of Royal Brunei Catering (RBC) first cookbook

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Aug 26th: Sunday Splash

Date: Sunday, August 26th 2007
Time: 11am - 5:30pm
Venue: Lagoon Pool, The Empire Hotel & Country Club, Jerudong
Packages & Prices:

  • Splash & Sunday Splash - $40 per adult, $20 per child
  • Splash & Tropical Afternoon Tea - $20 per adult, $10 per child
  • Splash & Sizzling Sunset BBQ - $30 per adult, $15 per child
  • Splash - $12 per adult, $6 per child
For more information, contact: 2418888 Read On!...

Aug 25th-2nd Sept: Brunei Cup 2007

For more information, click here
Photo credits: Brunei Cup 2007 Site
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Sept 2nd: Young Entrepreneurs Association of Brunei Darussalam (YEAB) Car Boot Sale

Date: Sunday, Sept 2nd 2007
Time: from 8am to 2pm
Venue: Jigsaw Primary School, Spg 187, Taman Setia Berakas
Other Info: Members of the public are welcome to rent a parking space for the event priced at $20, or to buy raffle tickets, each costing $2 or six for $10
For more information, call the YEAB Secretariat: 2221699 Read On!...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Aug 28th-30th: Emotional & Spritiual Quotient (ESQ) Training

Date: August 28th - 30th 2007
Venue: Al-Barakah Ballroom, Level 7, LR ASMA Hotel,Jerudong
About Training Programme:

  • Combines spiritual, emotional and intellectual intelligence to develop and improve an individual's way of life and outlook
  • The numbers 165 represent the model of character it is built on: one value, six pillars of Islamic faith (principles) and the five pillars of Islam (actions)
  • The programme is about combining all capabilities to get the best out of a person, which includes spiritual intelligence
  • Based on the best-seller book, “ESQ Power" by Ary Ginanjar Agustian

For details, contact A & A Management and Training Services at: 2341103, 2331722 (fax) or 8123165 (hotline)

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Sept 7th-8th: Brunei 9-Ball Invitational Cup 2007

Date: September 7th - 8th 2007
Launch Date & Time: Friday, September 7th 2007 @ 3pm
Venue: Indoor Stadium, Berakas
International Players Featuring:

  • Wu Chia Ching of Taiwan - 2005 world champion
  • Chang Jun Ling of Taiwan - Guinness 9-Ball Tour, leg champion
  • Ronnie Alcano of the Philippines - World 8 & 9 Ball champion
  • Antonio Gabica of the Philippines - Asian Games 9-Ball gold medallist
  • Ibrahim Amir of Malaysia - Thailand 9-Ball Open 2004 champion
  • Ricky Yang of Indonesia - Indonesia Open 2006 champion
  • Bernard Tey of Singapore
  • Luong Chi Dung - Vietnam
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Aug 23rd: IBM Seminar "Optimise your IT Infrastructure"

Date: Thursday, Aug 23rd 2007
Time: 1.30 - 4.40pm
Venue: The Empire Hotel, Jerudong

Topics include:

  • "System Leadership Virtualisation Technology"
  • "Moving your Rack Centre to IBM BladeCentre"
  • "System Storage Portfolio"

For more information, contact: B.S.Syscom at 2440070 or

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Sep 3rd & 4th: BICPA-FTMS Workshops

Date: Monday, September 3rd 2007
Title of Workshop: "Developing and Improving Credit Management Strategies for Increased Profit"
About Workshop: Aims to teach ways on how to speed up the sales cycle, retain customers and how to get the best out of credit control.

Date: Tuesday, September 4th 2007
Title of Workshop: "Sales and Profit Boosting Strategies - Credit Management Dimension" About Workshop: Aims to teach the strategies on improving your credit policy to increase sales and how to create value for your company

For more details, contact BICPA-FTMS at: 2454945, via facsimile 2454946, or visit the website Read On!...

Aug 24th: Study at UWIC, UK

Date: Friday 24th August 2007
Time: 10:30am - 3pm
Venue: HRD Services, Simpang 34, Jalan Telanai
For more information, contact: 2650800 Read On!...

Monday, August 20, 2007

Sept 2nd: Pusat Ehsan Family Carnival - Donate your unused stuff!

Date: Sunday, 2nd Sept 2007

  • There will be a stall to sell used items and 100% from the sales will go to the center

  • If you have unused items (ie. Clothing, toys, household products) lying in your store room, you may consider to donate them for charity
For more information and to ask them to collect your items, please contact: Doris Yap @ 673 8789433 or Read On!...

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Aug 23rd-24th: Pre-departure Briefings for UK-bound Students

Date: August 23rd - 24th 2007
Venue: James Hon's, No.10, 1st Floor, Block B, Bgn. Hj Abd. Rahman, (near Aminah Arif) Kiulap, BSB
Briefings by:

  • Mr Tom Keenan, regional director of INTO University Partnerships - a college within top British Universities and provide foundation courses for University of East Anglia, University of Exeter and Newcastle University
  • Mr Oliver Goh, International officer from University of East Anglia (UEA)
Other Info: Students, who require pre-departure information from University of Surrey,' University of Sheffield, University of Exeter, Keele University, University of Glamorgan, Middlesex University, University of Bedfordshire, Newcastle University Foundation, should contact James Hon's office for specific information
For more information about the visiting universities or pre-departure information, contact: General Manager Mr. Delon Hon at (Tel) 2230198 and (Fax) 2230199. (Email) Read On!...

Friday, August 17, 2007

Aug 21st: Azan & Menghafaz Ayat-Ayat Lazim Competition for Pusat Bahagia

Date: Tuesday, August 21st 2007
Time: 8am onwards
Venue: Seri Kenangan Hall, Tutong
Categories: Azan (for boys) and Menghafaz Ayat-Ayat Lazim (girls) Read On!...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Aug 31st & Sept 2nd: "Tamuneka" (Open Market) and Vintage Car Exhibitions

Dates: August 31st and September 2nd 2007
Venue: Fields of Sekolah Rendah Orang Kaya Setia Bakti Kilanas, Kg Kilanas
Tamuneka open to: Residents and visitors of Kg Kilanas

Vintage Car Exhibition open to: Car owners who have cars and 4x4 vehicles built in 1999 and earlier
Closing Date: Wednesday, August 22nd 2007 @ 4pm
For entry forms for exhibiton and further details, contact: Hj Lamat (village chief of Kg Kilanas) at 8878286, Awg. Haji Suhaili at 8782155 and Pg Momin at 8721008 Read On!...

Aug 18th-19th: Brunei International Halal Expo 2007

Dates: 18th - 19th August 2007
Time: 10.00am - 9.00pm
Venue: International Convention Centre, Berakas
For more information, visit: here
Photo Credit: here Read On!...

Aug 19th: Brunei Go-Kart Prix

Date: Sunday, Aug 19th 2007
Venue: Road Area of Community Hall of Tutong

  • Air cooled/water cooled 100cc
  • Rotaz Max 125cc
  • Kapchai 2 stroke
  • Kapchai 4 stroke
  • Brunei Open
Deadline for Registration: Sunday, Aug 19th @ 8am
For more details, contact: Awg Mansor bin Hj Ibrahim @ 8720989 or Awg Tahir bin Hj Aji @ 8869531 Read On!...

Aug 17th & 19th: Loughborough Games

Date: August 17th & 19th 2007
Venue: UBG Gymnasium Sports Complex

  • Badminton (August 17th, 2pm - 8pm)
  • Netball and Football (August 19th, 8am - 5:30pm)
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Aug 16th-22nd: The Baiduri Expo 2007

Date: August 16th - 22nd 2007
Venue: The Mall, Gadong
What's there:

  • Visit Baiduri Booths & receive free financial health check from their Certified Personal Financial Planners
  • Receive advice on how to use financial planning to manage personal debt, increase wealth and plan for retirement
  • Join in games and activities such as children's colouring contest, feed the monkey, instant-win dart game, captivating magic show, mini-golf putting and many more!
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Aug 17th: YMRM Textile Crazy Sale

Date: Friday, August 17th 2007
Time: 3pm - 10pm
Venue: Galleria YMRM, Jalan Tungku Link
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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Aug 17th-Nov 17th: TelBru Promotion

Promotion Dates: August 17th - November 17th 2007
Promotion Details: Pay your bill in full or subscribe to any TelBru services and stand a chance to win a FREE holiday
For more information, contact: Customer Care 111 or visit Telbru site Read On!...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Aug 15th: Nottingham Trent Uni On The Spot Admissions

Date: Wednesday, August 15th 2007

Time: 12noon - 4pm
Venue: HRD Services, Simpang 34, Jalan Telanai

Pre-departure Briefing
Time: 5pm - 7pm
Venue: 3rd Floor, Business Centre Room 1, Rizqun Hotel, Gadong

For more info, please contact: 2650800 Read On!...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sep 2nd: Sheraton Utama UNICEF Awareness Campaign

Date: Sunday, September 2nd 2007
Entrance Fee: $1 (Donated to UNICEF)
What's there:

  • Mini exhibition
  • Display of re-enactment to show comparison between the environment that we are living in to those in third world countries
  • A wish tree that will be set up where guests are able to place their notes for just a small donation on the tree for the less fortunate children
  • Information about UNICEF will be displayed on the walls for guests who are interested in the UNICEF cause and challenge
For more information, please contact: 2244272 Read On!...

Aug 17th-19th: Brunei International Sport Fishing Competition 2007

Date: August 17th-19th 2007
Venue: Serasa Sea Sports Complex

Offshore Category (Boat)

  • Date: August 17th - 19th
  • Time: 9am (Aug 17th) - 2pm (Aug 19th)
  • Participation Fee: $88

Onshore Category (Serasa Beach)
  • Date: August 19th 2007
  • Time: 8.30am - 2pm
  • Participation Fee: $15
Offshore (Boat) category
  • First Prize- $5000 cash, tackle and trophy
  • Second Prize - $2500 cash, tackle and trophy
  • Third Prize - $1250 cash, tackle and trophy
Onshore (beach) category
  • First Prize - $600 cash, tackle and trophy
  • Second Prize - $300, tackle and trophy
  • Third Prize - $150, tackle and trophy
Get Entry Forms at:
  • Fishing shop outlets
  • Capt Fred's Fishing Supply , 108, 1st Floor Plaza Athirah, Jalan Kubah Makam Diraja
Closing Date for Submission: Aug 13 (offshore category) and Aug 19 (beach category). Read On!...

Aug 17th: 9-ball Pool Tourney

Date: Friday, August 17th 2007
Venue: The Rack Pool & Billiard, Jalan Kianggeh
Open to:

  • Citizens and permanent residents residing in Brunei-Muara District
  • Players from other districts working in Brunei-Muara District are also eligible to enter
  • Professional, national and ex-national as well as previous winners in local or overseas tournaments are not eligible
Entry Fee: $35 per participant
Get Entry Forms from: Kee Taufek (HP 8143481), Brunei Hotel, BSB
Last Date & Time of Submission: Wednsday, August 15th 2007 @ 8pm
Submit to: Rack Pool & Billiard Supplies, No 101, 1st Floor, Jubilee Plaza Hotel, Jalan Kianggeh

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Aug 11th: NBT Challenge Trophy 2007

Date: Sunday, August 11th 2007
Time: Evening
Venue: Padang Kebajikan, Berakas
Teams in Group A:

  • Youth and Sport Department
  • Blue Merline Tackle
  • DST Group
  • Royal Brunei Airlines
  • Brunei Muara District Office
Teams in Group B:
  • Brunei Shell FT
  • Narcotic Control Bureau
  • Seri Sentosa
  • NBT FC and Sport
  • Welfare Club of Prison Department
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Aug 10th-12th: All New Mitsubishi Lancer EX & New Chevrolet Captiva Showcase

Date: August 10th -12th 2007
Venue: Atrium, The Mall, Gadong

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Aug 10th: NBT 3rd Anniversary Draw

Date: Friday, August 10th 2007
Time: 9.30am
Venue: NBT Toyota, Gadong on
Especially for: TOYOTA and LEXUS buyers who purchased and registered their vehicles between July 1 and July 31, 2007
Other Info: Vehicle owners must be present to receive their prizes Read On!...

August 18th: SCB Fashion Show & Tea Party

Date: Saturday, August 18th 2007
Time: 2pm - 5pm
Venue: Indera Kayangan Ballroom, The Empire Hotel & Country Club
Especially for: Standard Chartered's Priority Banking Customer
For more information, please call: 2444 555 Read On!...

The Brunei Adventure Race 2007 (BAR 2007)

What is "The Brunei Adventure Race 2007":

  • An extreme adventure competition featuring a blend of the popular AXN Channel's "Fear Factor" and "The Amazing Race"
  • Endorsed by Brunei Tourism and the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports with the aim of promoting sports activities in the country, and at the same time, to promote domestic tourism, showcasing the beautiful scenery that can be found in our country
  • Divided into 2 series
Sunday, August 26th 2007 (First of 2 Series)
  • A one-day event that styles itself after the popular AXN Channel television programme, "Fear Factor"
  • Four participants are required to form a team with a minimum of either one male or one female participant
  • There will be footwork, climbing (rock climbing, rope climbing), water adventures and navigation
  • However, this first event is just a "teaser" or "warm-up" to the second part of the BAR 2007
November 2007 (Second of 2 Series)
  • Organised in support of the Brunei's Tourism "Kenali Negara Kitani" Campaign
  • More challenging than the first event
  • Participants will have to explore both the city and the 'unexpected treasures' of Brunei Darussalam
  • The event will also feature Bruneian traditional games
  • Will be held in all four districts of Brunei-Muara, Tutong, Belait and Temburong
  • The race will kick off on the first Sunday of November in Temburong and will continue on every Sunday thereafter
Open to: anyone above 12 years of age
Registration Fee: B$50 per team
Obtain registration forms from:
  • Intrepid Management Services Sdn Bhd, Main Office, PGGMB Building, BSB
  • Roadshow at Hua Ho Manggis Mall (Friday, 10th August 2007)
For more information, click: here (thanks to God's Gift too!)
Photo credit: Read On!...

Aug 12th: NBT(Brunei) Presents Central Asian Carpet Exhibition

Date: Sunday, August 12th 2007
Time: 9am - 7pm
Venue: Lexus Showroom, Gadong Read On!...

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Aug 9th-23rd: Authentic Italian Culinary at The Empire

(Taken from: here)
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Aug 23rd: Education UK 2007 Exhibition

Date: Thursday, August 23rd 2007
Time: 1pm - 7pm
Venue: Sultra Multi Purpose Hall, Level 4, The Rizqun International Hotel, Gadong
Other Info:

  • More than 20 booths will be representing different prestigious universities and colleges
  • All colleges and universities present have excellent track records and solid reputations in specialist subject disciplines, and many enjoy international acclaim and have received accolades
  • Also taking part will be visa officers from the British High Commission providing further information on visas
  • Also present will be trained advisors from the British Council to assist students on all aspects of education in the UK, including application procedures and pre-departure information

For students who will be leaving for UK this year:

  • Advised to attend the Pre-Departure Briefing at the Songket Ballroom 3, Level 4, The Rizqun International Hotel, Gadong on August 24th, from 2.30pm to 4.30pm
  • The briefing offers advice to students on visa, application, sourcing for accommodation, arrival at the airport, transportation options, banking, health and insurance, settling into student life and more
  • To register for the briefing, contact Cecile Dasal at tel: 223 7742
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August Gym Bug Promotion

Thanks to Hjh Ain :) Sorry a bit delay in posting this - somehow your email got lost in Spam Folder
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Monday, August 06, 2007

Aug 9th: Australian High Comm Sale of Office Equipment & Furniture

Date: Tuesday, 9th August 2007
Time: 8:30am - 4pm
Venue: Morley & Co (B) Sdn Bhd Warehouse, No. 685, Kg Sg Buloh, Jalan Muara
What's on sale: Used office equipment and furniture, including desks, chairsm carpet tiles, electrical goods and misc office items Read On!...

Until Aug 31st: AIFA and LG Fair

Date: Until August 31st 2007
Venue: Jaya Hypermart, Centrepoint Gadong
What's there: AIFA & LG Products including audio visual and home appliance products at discounted prices
Read On!...

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Aug 4th-7th: Performances from US Orient Express Band

Date: Aug 4th - 7th 2007

Saturday, Aug 4th

  • Time: 4pm to 6pm and 8pm to 10pm
  • For: SMARTER
  • Venue: 2nd Floor, the Mall Gadong
Sunday, Aug 5
  • Time: 8pm onwards
  • Venue: Taman Jubilee Park, Kuala Belait
  • Special Performance with: RBAF
Monday, Aug 6
  • Time: 8pm - 9pm
  • Venue: Dewan DiGadong, Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport building, Jalan Kebangsaan
Tuesday, Aug 7
  • Venue: Pusat Ehsan
About them:
  • The Seventh Fleet band was created in 1943 with the establishment of the US Seventh Fleet
  • Based in Yokosuka, Japan along with the flagship for the commander of the US Seventh Fleet, the USS Blue Ridge
Photo credit: BB Read On!...

Aug 5th: Garage Sale

Date: Sunday, August 5th 2007
Time: 8am onwards
Venue: No.12, Spg 63, Jalan Beribi Gadong
What's on Sale: Furniture, Kitchenware, Clothing, Books, Novels, Ornaments and more Read On!...

Aug 4th-12th: Local Products Trade & Exhibition 2007

Date: August 4th - 12th 2007
Time: 10am - 10pm
Venue: Bangunan Lim Kui Hung (Soon Lee Megamart), Sg. Liang, Kuala Belait Read On!...

Aug 5th: Grand Opening of Hua Ho Tutong Petani Mall

Date: Sunday, August 5th 2007
Venue: Hua Ho Tutong Petani Mall, Tutong Read On!...

Friday, August 03, 2007

Aug 3rd-4th: Exclusive iPhone Demo

Date: August 3rd & 4th 2007
Time: 10am - 6pm
Venue: AV Electronics, Kiulap
Photo credit: here Read On!...

Aug 5th: Kite Festival

Date: Sunday, August 5th 2007
Venue: Pantai Tungku, Tutong
What's there:

  • Kite flying competition
  • Traditional Kites
  • Large kites from Japan
  • Berpulut event
  • Exhibition of kites
  • Bazaar Stalls
  • Karoake competition & Stage performances
Read On!...

Aug 3rd: Nazmi Evening Super Crazy Sale

Date: Friday, August 3rd 2007
Time: 3pm - 10pm
Venue: Nazmi Tanjung Bunut Read On!...

Aug 4th-5th: Youth & Sports Dept Customer Day

Date: August 4th - 5th 2007

  • 9am - 6pm (August 4th)
  • 9am - 9pm (August 5th)

  • What's there:

  • Demonstrations by various associations
  • Activities
  • Forum
  • Quiz
  • Games
  • Shows
  • Read On!...

    Aug 4th: NBT "Oldest Toyota" Contest

    Date: Saturday, August 4th 2007
    Time: From 2 pm onwards
    Venue: Lexus Service Centre, Gadong

    • Chronologically oldest registered Toyota in good running condition
    • Oldest and best maintained Toyota
    Judges criteria for vehicle maintenance:
    • Exterior appearance
    • Interior details
    • Road-worthiness
    • Condition of Engines
    Read On!...

    Thursday, August 02, 2007

    Aug 5th: Brunei Motorcross Challenge

    Date: Sunday, August 5th 2007
    Venue: Kawasan Tanah Lapang Sungai Besar, Tutong Circuit/Track

    • Minicross Open
    • Cubcross Open
    • Motocross Open 125cc Novice
    • Scrambler
    • Motocross 125cc Expert
    • Motocross Open
    Other Info: Official practice round on Sunday, August 4th 2007
    For more information, contact: Awang Barahan @ 8840364 or Awang Rosallan @ 8806650 Read On!...

    Childrens Wards Project at RIPAS


    • As an ongoing project the Children's Wards at RIPAS hospital are being decorated with murals
    • Currently Ward 3 Childrens's Ward has still to be completed
    • Volunteers (adults only please) are needed to help with this
    Interested, meeting at:
    • Ward 3 on Friday 3 August at 1.30pm
    • contact Rashidah on 2338204
    Read On!...

    Wednesday, August 01, 2007

    Aug 3rd-5th: Rizqun Hotel Weekend Promotion

    Date: August 3rd to 5th 2007
    Packages & Promotions:

    • Weekend Promotion - B$138 net per room per night (includes breakfast for two adults and two children and mini-bar consumption, which is replenished on a daily basis)
    • Weekend Promotion - B$158 net per room per night (includes breakfast for two adults and two children and mini-bar consumption, which is replenished on a daily basis and Sunday Brunch at the poolside for two adults and two children on August 5th and the room is upgradeable to Grand Deluxe, subject to availability)
    • Suite Escapade Weekend Promotion - B$450 net per suite per night (includes breakfast for two adults and two children and mini-bar consumption, which is replenished on a daily basis, Seafood BBQ for two adults and two children on August 4th, Sunday Brunch at the poolside for two adults and two children on August 5th and the room is upgraded to Premier Suite)
    • "The Sunday Dip @ Poolside - August 5th
    Read On!...