Thursday, November 30, 2006

Dec 17th: 2006 Fun Football Championship

Date: Sunday, December 17th 2006
Time: From 8am
Venue: B Field, Berakas Sports Complex

  • Under-14: For those born on Jan 1st 1992 and following years
  • Under-12: For those born on Jan 1st 1994 and following years
Entry Fee for Competition: $45 per team
Get Forms from:
  • Safari Jaya Restaurant, Setia Kenangan Complex, Kiulap
  • Tournament Secretariat - 8669828
Closing Date: Sunday, December 10th 2006
Team Draw: Tuesday, December 12th 2006
Other Info:
  • Game will be played by five players
  • Teams allowed to register eight players
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Dec 1st-2nd: Special Olympics Borneo Cup 5-a-side soccer tournament

Official Opening & Matches

Date: Friday, 1st December 2006

  • Matches - From 7am onwards
  • Official Opening - 3pm
Venue: Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium, Berakas

Semi-Final & Final Matches

Date: Saturday, 2nd December 2006
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium Read On!...

Dec 1st: Survival Course for Youths

Date: Friday, December 1st 2006
Venue: Temburong Jungle

  • A five-day challenging activity
  • "Weekend Projects" - Suggestion on what activities to hold
  • Youths & Sports Dept will issue a list of items to bring
Contact: 5221778
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Dec 15th-17th: Pro Evo Soccer Tournament

(For more infomation, visit Ranoadidas)
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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dec 1st: Study Overseas Information Day

Date: Friday, December 1st 2006

  • 9:30 am - 4pm
  • 10:30 am - Presentation on writing PhD Research proposals
  • 2:30 pm - Presentation on key issues to consider when writing UCAS personal statements
Venue: HRD Services, Spg. 34, Jalan Telanai, BSB
Attendance: FREE
Other info:

  • Individual counselling with education consultants
  • Students should bring latest transcripts/qualifications
  • Aim is to help stidents seeking university placements in 2007 in UK and Australian Universities

Contact: 2650800

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Jan 14: Junior Rugby League

Date of League: January 14th 2007
Categories: Under-19, Under-17 and Under-15
If any junior players or coaches have an interest, contact:

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Dec 2nd-3rd: Malaysia Edu Fair 2006

Date: 2nd & 3rd December 2006
Time: 9am - 5pm
Venue: Level 1, The Mall, Gadong

  • Meet representatives from Malaysian universities & colleges for personalized consultation
  • Enjoy discounted application fees and other waiver of charges during this period
  • Able to gain entrance into Public/Government Universities in Malaysia
  • No processing fees and other hidden charges for University and Visa application
  • "On the spot" offers and admission from participating Universities and Colleges in Malaysia
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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tamu in Brunei/Markets in Brunei

Information thanks to BiG Magazine:

Tamu Gadong, Gadong
Venue: Right in the heart of Gadong shopping centre
What you can find: Foodstalls, Vegetable Stalls, Clothing and Accessories
Friday & Sunday Specials: Flower Market (tropical indoor or outdoor plants & orchids)
When can you go:

  • Weekdays: 6pm - 12am
  • Weekends & Eve of Public Holidays: 6pm - Late
  • Friday & Sunday (Flower Market): 7am - 12pm
Rimba Horticulture Centre, Rimba
What you can find:
  • Largest collection of indoor and outdoor tropical plant
  • Eathenware pots and other garden accessories
Shopping Tip: Shop for handicrafts and agro-products on weekends and be entertained with live cultural performances at 10am to 11am and 3pm to 4pm
When can you go: Daily: 8am - 6pm

Tamu Kianggeh, Bandar Seri Begawan
Venue: Banks of the Kianggeh River (click here for some photos)
What you can find: Variety of local vegetables, medicinal herbs, local delicacies and handicrafts
When can you go: Daily: 6am - 6pm (I personally recommend to go on Friday Mornings!hehe There's lots of people - makes it more fun and exciting!)

Tamu Kampung Serambangun, Tutong
Venue: About 1km from Tutong Town
What you can find: Produce from inland forests, local vegetables and food unique to this area (sparky, is this the one we went to on that Thursday?)
When can you go: Daily: 6am - 6pm

Tamu Seria
Venue: Between Jalan Bolkiah and Jalan Nokhada Manis, Seria
What you can find: local produce, vegetables, fruits and poultry
When can you go: Saturday: 6am - 11am

Tamu Kuala Belait
Venue: About 1km from Tutong Town
What you can find: Local fresh fruits and vegetables and occasional handicrafts finds
When can you go: Sunday: 6am - 11am

Anyone who would like to share other bits and pieces of information about the Tamu in Brunei, feel free! Comment, Tag or Email.. whichever suits you best :) Read On!...

Introducing: BiG (Brunei Insider's Guide) Magazine

Today I was introduced to BiG Magazine. I'm not familiar with the magazine, have not seen it before. The only local free magazine (i'm assuming BiG Magazine is free because there's no price on the cover hehe) that I've come across so far is Buyer's Guide and Grab It.

Those two magazines are ok, but I like this BiG Magazine more. Why? Well, one is because I notice a familiar name within minutes of flipping through the magazine! This person is quite well known in the local blogging world, one of my daily reads (although sometimes he doesn't blog on a daily basis hehe), knew about his work initially back in the days of
Ayer Muleh and to me, he's one of the local talented photographers around :) Who could it be? It's none other than... cheng cheng cheng... Gferro! hehe His photographs were included in the magazine (front cover too!!) hehe Well done, well done!

Second reason? It's a very informative guide to Brunei - tells the little things about Brunei such as where best to eat, calender of events for the month, things to do, where to shop and even a foodie diary!

I'm not sure if this is a first issue or not - I'm assuming it's not because inside there's a photo of a lady reading a past issue of the Magazine. As quoted from the Magazine "Jointly published by CHMP Enterprise & Brunei Tourism Development Department, MIPR". So well done to both parties :) Hope they continue to publish the Magazine :)

Anyone who wants more information about BiG Magazine, contact CHMP Enterprise:

  • CHMP, PO Box 912, MPC BB3357, Brunei
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Dec 1st: Garage Sale at Jalan Muara

Date: Friday, December 1st 2006
Time: 07:30 am - 12 Noon (NO Previewing)
Venue: 13, Spg. 414, Jalan Muara, KC Gardens
Stuff on Sale:

  • Furniture
  • Kids Toys
  • Books
  • Kids Play Equipment
  • Storage Faciliyies
  • BBQ Etc Etc
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Nov 29th: Kids Day 2006 (Colouring Competition)

Date: Wednesday, November 29th 2006
Time: 8am - 12 Noon
Venue: Taman Haji Sir Muda Omar Ali Saifuddien
Three categories:

  • Category A - Students from pre-school till Primary 3
  • Catergory B - Students from Primary 4 till Primary 6
  • Category C - Children with special needs under the age of 18

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Nov 30th-Dec 3rd: 7th French Film Festival/Festival du Film Française

Date: November 30th - Dec 3rd 2006

  • The Empire Cinema, Jerudong
  • OGDC Cinema, Seria
Price of Tickets:
  • $5 - Members of Alliance Français and Children
  • $7 - Others
Where to get Tickets:
  • Alliance Française
  • At Venue
For more information: contact 2654245
Movie Schedule:

All Movies are with English Subtitles
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DST New Easi Starter Pack

Date: Monday, 27th November 2006
Venue: DST, Gadong Properties

  • DST new Easi starter pack out today
  • Starting price from $88 (together with handphone)
For more information, please call DST Customer Care 151 Read On!...

ISB Musical - West Side Story..

.. want to see some photos & videos of it? Then just click on here! Read On!...

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Look what we found!

BK.. Bahapa Kitani?? hehe

& i found this recently hehe Got excited to see the "BK" so decided to take photo of it haha Not really sure what the BK there stands for though. We couldn't really see any other information for the company besides that logo.. or maybe we were just too excited to notice hehe Read On!...

Info on Pusat Sumber Kerjaya/Career Resource Centre

In a previous post, ctautau has shared with you all particularly students on stuff to do during this school holiday. One of our readers, IngSiang Tan, asked if we could provide more information regarding Pusat Sumber Kerjaya/Career Resource Centre in particular other methods of contacts apart from going to Yayasan.

Managed to find this. Hope this will be of help to you guys. Good luck & have fun :)

Get in touch with the following offices below:

Brunei-Muara and Temburong Career Resource Centre
Address: Block 2J, Ong Sum Ping Condominium, BA1113 Bandar Seri Begawan
Tel: 2230087 or 2230088
E-mail :

Address: Unit 1.29A, Kompleks Bangunan Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah, Jalan Pretty, Bandar Seri Begawan BS8711 Brunei Darussalam

Tutong and Kuala Belait
Address: Department of Schools, Belait District
Tel: 3332693 or 3335370

(For more information, click here) Read On!...

Dec 1st-3rd: Weekend Carnival - OGDC & LiveWIRE

Date: December 1st - 3rd 2006
Venue: OGDC, Seria
Friday - 2pm to 6pm
Saturday - 9am to 10pm
Sunday - 9am to 6pm

(Source: OGDC Website)

  • LiveWIRE Business Network member participants and public SMEs are encourged to participate in the Weekend Carnival.
  • Forms for the event can be obtain from OGDC offices.
  • Forms for WINNING ELEVEN TOURNAMENT can be obtain here.
  • Space limited - first come first basis.
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Brunei Hotel Promotion

"Happy Hour" Promotion
Times: From 3 pm - 5 pm
Promotion: Dine in or take-away home-made cakes at 50 per cent off and all beverages at 20 per cent off

Daily Set Lunch

  • Grilled Snapper with Mussels in Napolitaine sauce
  • Apple fritter topped with ice cream
  • Poulet De Grain
  • Garden salad with Thousand Island Dressing
Wednesday Special - "Roast Cavary" Station Promotion
Roasted or grilled chicken, lamb or beef with vegetables, soup and a scoop of ice cream Read On!...

25th & 26th Nov: Body Shop Make Me Fabulous Make Up Launch

Date: 25th & 26th November 2006
Time: 10am - 9pm
Venue: The Mall, Atrium

250 new fabulous products. 34 fabulous shades for eyes. 26 fabulous shades for lips. Read On!...

Friday, November 24, 2006

Bored this weekend? Impossible!

Because there's lots of things going on and for all ages too!! Don't believe us? Take a look here:

Saturday, 25th November 2006

Pusat Ehsan Annual Charity Golf Tournament - Support Charity!
BEnA Exhibition 2006 - Learn, Play, Win Cool Prizes & Meet People!
ISB Musical Drama "West Side Story" - Music, Romance, Drama - You wouldn't want to miss it!
Kids Saturday Night Party At E Kids Club - Party for the little people only!

Sunday, 26th November 2006

Rotary Fun Run - Exercise & have some fun!
Garage Sale - Browse around, you might find some "treasures" hehe
Pusat Ehsan Annual Charity Golf Tournament - Support Charity!
BEnA Exhibition 2006 - Didn't get to win a prize yesterday? Try your luck again!haha
Sunday Splash at The Empire - Treats for the little kiddies
Rhapsody Concert - Music Soothes the Soul

So no excuses for you guys this weekend.. Enjoy your weekend everyone :)
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Nov 26th: Garage Sale

Date: Sunday, November 26th 2006
Time: Gates open 8am
Venue: Lot 4181. Simpang 40, Jalan Sungai Pandan, KB
Contact: 3333078
For Sale:

  • Men's and women's (small size) shoes
  • Men's clothing
  • Kitchen and laundry items
  • Books & Etc
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Exams Over! Do something useful - adds to your CV

Youths aged 25 years and below as well as 'A' and 'O' Levels students who had just finished their examinations are encouraged to look for part time or temporary jobs in order to use their free time constructively. By involving themselves in part-time jobs, they could gain work experience to prepare them for their career in the future.

Excerpt from BB

Interested to get a job?
Go to: Pusat Sumber Kerjaya (Careers Resource Centre)
Where: Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Complex

The centre can assist in exploring a whole range of careers (part-time or temporary jobs)available in the public and private sectors.

How part-time job benefits students: (Dr Eh Ah Meng)

1. Having part-time jobs will help to motivate and discipline oneself before stepping into the real working environment
2. At the same time also help to improve communication skills as they will interact with different levels of people from various fields.
3. Work experience is very important for them to be more marketable when looking for permanent jobs.
4. The most popular question asked by employers during the interview would be "Do you have any working experience?"
5. Students would not be able to learn such experience from their textbooks at school.

If not a job, interested to enchance public speaking skills?

Join: Speaker's Club

For further information,


Yee Wan Chung at +6738713668 (The Brunei Speakers' Club),

John Tse Tow at +6738605128 (HSBC Speakers Group)

Norliana Abdullah at +6738674488 (OTTERS TMC located in Belait).

Maybe Public Speaking is not your cup of tea, interested to learn something new during 'exam's over' period. Maybe like learn how to swim or triathlon training.

Check out

For Children & Adults 2 hours per session ( 4x a month)
Where: No. 50, 1st Floor, Block B, Delima Jaya Complex Serusop, Brunei

Contact: Alvina Lim

HP: 8768183


Or push yourself to do something you have been to do which is outside your normal routine. Join the Brunei Marathon and start training now. Who says there's nothing to do now exams are over.

Maybe running is not your thang' - go help out those who are less fortunate than ourselves. Bet Pusat Bahagia and Pusat Ehsan or any others that you know, might need volunteers. Money is not the only thing that they need - anyone can give money but a friend (or volunteer) is better option.

So go do something useful for yourself and other rather than lounging around the house playing games, hanging out or purely wasting time.

Anyone with any ideas for things to do after exams are over are welcome to email us for the list of useful and beneficial things to do. Hey every little things help if we can help others. Right c tau gaban :P

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Nov 26th: Sunday Splash At The Empire

Date: Sunday, November 26th 2006
Time: 11am - 5:30pm
Venue: The Empire Hotel & Country Club, Jerudong
Adults - $12
Children - $6

Contact: 241 8888 ext. 7299
Other Info:

  • Ideal for the whole family
  • Features a giant floating iceberg, splash stations, organized activities, fun, games and more
  • Variety of snacks and refreshments are also available at food stalls around the area
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Nov 25th: Kid's Saturday Night Party At E Kids Club

Date: Saturday, November 25th 2006
Time: 6pm - 9pm
Venue: E-Kids Club, The Empire Hotel & Country Club
Price: $14 plus 10% Service Charge Per Child
Open to Ages: 3 - 10 years
For queries & booking: 2418888


  • The E Kids Club Team will provide endless fun with organised activities, fun, games and a kiddie buffet
  • Special appearances by Max Monkey, Honey Hornbill and Timmy Turtle
(Photo Courtesy of: The Empire Hotel) Read On!...

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Enter Digital Photographic Contest

Golden Frontier Travel Network, Rakan Tiga Media & Crisnabel Communication are organising Digital Photographic Contest.

Entry forms: Are available at IPHO Sejati Remittance & Rakan Tiga Media
Submit Form: 30th November 2006
Contact: For further details 2239456
Email: Read On!...

Nov 24th - 25th: Musical Drama 'West Side Story'

(Photo Taken From: Here)

"West Side Story" is a widely acclaimed melodramatic musical - a modern day story of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet tragedy of feuding families, which is set in 1950's at the upper west side of New York City

Date: 24th to 25th November 2006
Venue: Empire Theatre
  • Friday (24th Nov) - 7:30pm
  • Saturday (25th Nov) - 2:30pm & 7:30 pm
Ticket Prices:
$15 for adults
$10 for students and children
$40 for family package (2 adults and 2 children)

Where to get tickets:
  • ISB Front Office
  • Empire Theatre Entrance
This is really worth going. Every year I'd go. This is the closest to a Broadway show in Brunei and they're really good. Well close enough unless you go to Esplanade in Singapore - which is also a good treat!

Reviews: It will be a night of splendid performances with music and well as fights. So don't miss this chance!
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Nov 21st-23rd: Interior Design Exhibition

Date: 21st-23rd November 2006
Venue: Multipurpose Hall, Sultan Saiful Rijal Technical College (MTSSR)
Open: To Public
Time: 8.30am tp 4.15pm Read On!...

Vincci 6th Anniversary Promotion

Heads up to those shopping at Vincci as they might not tell you of this promotion whilst shopping there hehehe:

For every $60 worth of purchase, enjoy FREE $30 worth voucher redeemable at:

  • Vincci ($10)
  • ESP ($10)
  • Le Petit Pumm ($10)
For more information, contact 2237017 (Kiulap Branch) or 2342378 (Delima Branch)

(Photo courtesy of: Read On!...

For Radio DJ's Wannabe

(Source: Here)
Read On!...

Sepak Takraw Regu Tournament

Tournament Date: January 2007
Closing Date for Registration: December 17th 2006
Get Registration Forms from:

  • Haji Mohd Noor bin Haji Abd Hamid - 2380700
  • Haji Abu Bakar bin Haji Kssim - 8820464
Read On!...

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Nov 22nd: Introducing Harley Davidson New 2007 Models

Date: Wednesday, 22nd November 2006
Time: 9am - 7pm
Venue: Lot Q33, Q34, Q35, Tapak Perindustrian Lambak Kanan

  • 2390290/2390294
Read On!...

Nov 24th-26th: BEnA Exhibition 2006

(Source: Here)

November 24th - 26th 2006
  • Friday, Nov 24th 2006: 2pm - 8pm
  • Saturday, Nov 25th 2006: 10am - 8pm
  • Sunday, Nov 26th 2006: 10am - 5pm
Venue: Plenary Hall, ICC, Berakas

Lots of prizes to be won during the exhibition including Ipods, Sony PSP, Nokia 3G Phones and others. Read On!...

Monday, November 20, 2006

Nov 21st: Appointment with Tallest & Shortest Men Renewed

Postponed to: Tuesday, 21st November 2006
Time: Not sure
Venue: Top Happy Star Superstore, Pengkalan Gadong
Tallest Man - Mr Ijaz Ahmed from Pakistan
Shortest Man - Mr Ali Zaman from Pakistan

(photo taken from here)
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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Nov 25th: Rhapsody Concert (UPDATED)

Note the change in venue:

Saturday, November 25th 2006
Venue: Dewan Raya RTB, BSB
Featured Local & Singaporean Artists:

  • Maria Aires
  • Diana
  • Faiz Nawi
  • Senjakala
  • Zul
  • Azizan
  • Bhumiband
Read On!...

Dec 1st: 5-a-side Futsal Tournament

Date: Friday, December 1st 2006
Venue: Multi Purpose Hall (Next to Hassanal Bolkiah Indoor Stadium)
Registration Fee: $100 per team
Organized by: XII Futsal Brothers Club
Contact: Hj Astry at 8782624 or C-Pin at 8777269 Read On!...

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Learn & Play at OGDC this November

Kids 'n' Science 'Edible Rainbow'

Date: 19th November 2006
Age: 9-12 years old

  • $6 - Friends of OGDC
  • $8 - Non-friends
Visit OGDC at BEnA 2006 Exhibition

Date: 24th - 26th November 2006
Venue: Plenary Hall, ICC, Berakas

Contact Info:
  • Call - 3377200
  • Fax - 3377220
  • Email -
Read On!...

Nov 25th-26th: Pusat Ehsan Annual Charity Golf Tournament

Date: November 25th - 26th 2006
Venue: RBA Golf Club

"Play golf as well as support Pusat Ehsan Al-Ameerah"

For further information, contact RBA Golf Club at 2343724/27 or fax 2343726 Read On!...

Monyet For Sale!(Really!Not kidding here!)

Type: Well bred capuchin monkeys
Looking for: Caring and loving homes
From when til when: During this period extending to the xmas
What else:

  • They have been vaccinated and get along with kids
  • They are diaper toilet and bottle trained
For more details and pictures: contact lawrence at Read On!...

Nov 22nd: Movie - New Waterford Girl

Date: Wednesday, November 22nd 2006
Time: 07:15pm
Venue: Panaga Club's Jungle House Cinema
Open to: Panaga Members/ Temporary Members
Fee: $3 at the door
Movie of the Week: New Waterford Girl
Other Info:

  • Movie - Canada 1999, Comedy, 97 Minutes
  • A gifted teenager, dreaming of life beyond her small town, becomes inspired when a 15-year-old girl from New York moves in next door
  • For now, please bring a lawn chair as seating is limited
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18th Nov: BMW Special 12 Hour Sale

The guy pointing looks kinda cool in the photo.

Read On!...

Friday, November 17, 2006

Nov 19th: Garage Sale

Date: Sunday, November 19th 2006
Time: 9am - 11am
Venue: No 4 Simpang 265-282 Jalan Jerudong (opposite log ride mt, next door to little shop)
Items for sale include: kitchen items, rugs, lamps, books, plants
Contact: 8816851
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Nov 19th: Meet the Tallest & Shortest Men

Date: Sunday, November 19th 2006
Time: 1pm
Venue: Top Happy Star Superstore, Pengkalan Gadong
Tallest Man - Mr Ijaz Ahmed from Pakistan
Shortest Man - Mr Ali Zaman from Pakistan

(photo taken from here)
Read On!...

Nov 25th: Rhapsody Concert (UPDATED)

Date: Saturday, November 25th 2006
Venue: Dewan Raya RTB, BSB
Featured Local & Singaporean Artists:

  • Maria Aires
  • Diana
  • Faiz Nawi
  • Senjakala
  • Zul
  • Azizan
  • Bhumiband
Pre-event Show
Date: Sunday, November 19th 2006
Time: 8pm
Venue: Atrium Concorse, The Mall, Gadong Read On!...

Nov 19th: Colouring Contest at Supa Save

Date: Sunday, November 19th 2006
Time: 10:30am - 1pm
Venue: Supa Save Department Store, Gadong
Contact: Allen Lim - 8713192


  • 2 open categories - limit of 50 contestants for each
  • Only color pencils allowed
  • Registration and winner announced on the same day
  • Entry forms available at Supa Save Gadong
  • Need to purchase at least 2 Colgate Products for entry

Read On!...

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Nov 17th-19th: HSBC Annual Golf Challenge Trophy 2006

Date: November 17th - 19th 2006
Venue: Panaga Golf Club, Seria Read On!...

Nov 17th: OGDC Little Explorer (Crime Lab)

Date: Friday, November 17th 2006
For Ages: 5 - 8 years old
Venue: OGDC, Seria
Entrance Fees:

  • Friends of OGDC - $3
  • Non-friends - $5
Read On!...

Nov 15th-Jan 31st 07: Sanur Anniversary Promotion

Date: November 15th 2006 - January 31st 2007

  • Lucky draw entry for every customer
  • Every month, 3 lucky winners will win Baiduri MasterCard CashCards with a pre-loaded value of B$50 and Sanur vouchers worth B$50
  • Baiduri Bank Cardholders paying with their credit card are entitled to 2 lucky draw entries per transaction
  • One lucky winner will win the grand prize of 2 return air tickets to Singapore with accommodation and B$500 cash
  • The draw will be held on 1st February 2007
For more information, please call 2453363/2453383 Read On!...

Nov 24th: G.H.K Motors Hari Raya Open House

Date: Friday, November 24th 2006
Time: 9:30am
Venue: GHK Motors Beribi & KB Showroom
Contact: 2423423/3335740

  • It'll also be the unveiling of the new Mitsubishi I-Car
  • Light refreshments will be served
  • FREE I-pod with each purchase of New Mitsubishi I-Car on launch day
Read On!...

Nov 19th: Launching of New Volkswagen

Date: Sunday, November 19th 2006
Time: 8:30am - 5:30pm
Venue: Maju Motors Showroom, Jalan Telanai, Beribi
Contact: 2653042/2655111

Light refreshments will be served Read On!...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Airport Restaurant Renovation Promotion

(taken from here)
Read On!...

New addition to Islamic Dakwah Centre Exhibit

New Exhibition Hall: “Materials that are against the Publishing Enactment”
Venue: Islamic Dakwah Centre, Kg Pulaie
Opening Times:

  • 8.30am to 11.30am
  • 2pm to 4pm
Specialist guides in English or Malay are available upon request.
Read On!...

Sheraton’s 25th Anniversary Promotions

Dates: 15th November – 15th December 2006

1. Rooms
Price: From B$25.00 + 10% onwards
Contact: 2244272 ext 8891

Terms and condition applies.

2. International Buffet Dinner

Price: $25 per adult + 10% service charge (additional 25% discount)
Contact: 2244272 ext 8871

Diners will also be offered complimentary glass of fruit punch.

3. Laundry & Dry Cleaning

Promotion: 5% discount on laundry and dry cleaning
Contact: 2244272 Read On!...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Nov 26th: Rotary Fun Run

Date: 26th November 2006, Sunday
Closing Date: 20th November 2006 for registration

Time: 9am
Fee: $18 for adults & $10 for children below 12 Read On!...

Nov 19th: Introducing Icklebooks

A lil something first from their site:

Why the name Icklebooks?

Adj. Small, little. Baby-form of little.

Little Books for Little Children

(Taken from Icklebooks site)

Read On!...

Monday, November 13, 2006

Nov 19th: JIS Football Funday

Date: Sunday, November 19th 2006
8am - 3pm

Venue: JIS Football Field, Jerudong
Gate Entry
: $2 per car

Want to book a stall? or enter your football team
Then contact Nor Abdullah or Liyana Latif at 2411000 ext. 1115 or 8008

(photo courtesy: here)
Read On!...

Nov 19th: D' Music Motion - Fairy Tale's Magic

Entrance Fees:
  • $20 per head (including Hi Tea)
  • Chilren below 7 years - FREE
Contact: D'Music & Motion Studio, Kiarong at 2450341 or 8742576
Read On!...

Nov 13th-19th: Pre-holiday Safety Checks for Nissan

Date: November 13th - 17th 2006
Times: 5pm - 9:30pm

Date: November 18th - 19th 2006
Times: 9am - 1pm and 1:30pm - 5pm


  • Each car will also receive a free computer diagnosis
  • 20 points to be checked on each vehicle including the engine room, wheels & interior
  • Each safety check takes about 30 mins to complete
For more information, please contact 242 7090

Read On!...

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Nov 26th: BBBF 2nd Annual Charity Car Treasure Hunt

Date: Sunday, November 26th 2006
Time: 8am - 2pm

  • Empire Hotel Theatre & Cinema Car Park (for Registration)
  • Pantai Restaurant (for Lunch & Prize Presentation)
Tickets: $30 per head
Contact: Maya or Izar on 2252463/ 2252219
  • Bring your car and your friends and go on a Treasure Hunt around Brunei-Muara district
  • The first 3 cars to return to Empire Hotel with the highest scores will win Cash Prizes
  • A Prize also Awaits the Best Dressed Team, so go on and get creative!
  • After the Hunt, enjoy a sumptuous lunch at Pantai Restaurant and collect your prize!
  • Organized by Britain Brunei Business Forum
Read On!...

Nov 12th: KACA Association's Walkathon

Date: Sunday, November 12th 2006
Time: From 7am
Venue: Taman Haji Sir Muda Omar Ali Saifuddien, BSB


  • Walkathon will cover a distance of less than one mile
  • Passing through Jalan MacArthur & Jalan Sultan
  • Ends at Taman Haji Sir Muda Omar Ali Saifuddien
Read On!...

Friday, November 10, 2006

Fratini's 10th of the Month Promotion & MORE

In conjunction with Fratini's 10th year Anniversary:

1. Fratini's Restaurant

Look out for Combo Festival Offers every 10th of the Month starting from TODAY!


  • Spaghetti pasta tossed in garlic, olive oil and chilli topped with grilled cod steak
  • Baked meat lasagne
  • Tomato and cheese salad served with baked sea bass
  • Caesar salad topped with smoked salmon and crispy prawn tails
Also, Special discount on Spaghetti only in November - $8.80!

2. Zaika Restaurant

Hi-Tea Promotion
Date: November 10th - 24th 2006
Promotion: 30% Discount on starters, drinks & bread

3. RMS Diner

  • Cakes and pastas with Mocktails of the month
  • Special lunch and three-course dinner menus
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Nov 10th-12th: Banyan Curve Exhibition

Date: November 10th - 12th 2006
Time: 10pm
Venue: Purple Jade 1 & 2, Level 6, Centrepoint Hotel, Gadong
Contact Details: 8730535, 8 711886 or 8981831 Read On!...

Nov 11th-12th: 6th PESAKA Day Festival

Saturday, November 11th 2006

Venue: Dewan Wawasan PESAKA, Keriam, Tutong

1. Tamu Ria

2. From 8pm - 11pm
Event: Cultural Night & Aidilfitri Celebration

Sunday, November 12th 2006

Venue: Dewan Wawasan PESAKA, Keriam, Tutong

1. From 7am - 11:30pm
Events: Tamu Ria, Aerobic, Brisk Walk (3KM), Sukan Ria Keluarga, Domestic Science

2. From 1:30pm - 5pm
Events: The Launching of The 6th PESAKA Day, Tamu Ria, Domestic Science, Photography Exhibition, Prize Awarding Ceremony for Domestic Science, Neon Lights Competition & Photography Read On!...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Looking for Recycling Centres in Brunei?

Click on this link here. It provides a sort of directory for Recycling Centres (and also Charity Organizations) available in Brunei.

Included are contact information of the centres, their location and what sort of things they accept for recycling (including the prices).

The site's not that comprehensive yet so any errors or additonal information is welcome. Contact the webmaster, Liyana at Read On!...

Nov 9th: "Making Mathematics Come Alive in Lesson"

Date: Friday, November 17th 2006
Time: 9am
Venue: Chancellor Hall, University Brunei Darussalam (UBD)
Admission fee: FREE
Contact: 2463001 (Ext 1586 or 1545)

Other Info:

  • Lecture facilitated by John Suffolk
  • John Suffolk - Senior Lecturer in Department of Science and Mathematics Education
  • Involve participants experiencing enjoyable examples on ways of learning topics using simple equipment such as paper and even themselves
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Short Courses on PC & Electrical Hardware Installation, Configuration & Troubleshooting

Date: November 10th & 11th 2006
Venue: Institut Teknologi Brunei (ITB), Tungku Link, Gadong
Fee: $180
Contact: 2461020 ext. 5211/4128/1323 or 8724647 (Course Lecturer)
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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Invitation for Youths: Tutong Community Club

Ages: 15 - 35 years
Closing Date: November 25th 2006
Forms are to be returned to:

  • Individual School Principal or
  • Tutong Youth and Sports Department at No 2, Simpang 95, Jalan Bukit Bandera, Tutong
Other Info:
  • All registered members must adhere to the rules and regulations,
  • Smoking is prohibited during activities or programmes
  • Future activities for 2006 - 2007 include futsal games, a netball tournament and religious activities
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