Saturday, April 19, 2008

April 20th: Brunei Kitani Parade

Date: Sunday, April 20th 2008
Time: 9am
Route of the Parade:
1. Exit from the Sheraton Hotel exit
2. Proceed through the road in between the carpark and Lapau, leading to the Royal Regalia Building
3. March through the main road along The Royal Regalia Road leading to the Jln Tutong traffic junction Balai Bomba
4. Turn right at this traffic lights. Proceed through the road along St Andrew's School
5. Cross the traffic lights and proceed forward between the SOAS school and Taman Jubli Perak
6. Turn right to the road between STPRI and SOAS. Pass through it and lead to the traffic lights
7. Turn right at the T-junction near The Waterworks Department
8. Proceed to the Taman Tasek Recreational Park
Mini Parade Sequence:

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Other Info:
There'll be a dance performance before the parade at around 8:15am
One of the objectives of the Brunei Kitani Parade is to increase awareness and exposure of both Dining Under The Stars event & Brunei Tasek Climbathon event
You may come dressed in costumes, clowns or any other creative ways
For more information, please contact: Wee at 8772366

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