Monday, March 10, 2008

March 12th-15th: Japanese Language & Culture Week

Date: March 12th - 15th 2008
Venue: Chancellor Hall, UBD
Admission: Free
What's there:
16 booths introducing aspects of Japanese language & culture such as General Information, visit Japan, Language, Calligraphy, Tea Ceremony, Origami, Ikebana (Flower Arrangement), Kendo, Karate, Aikido, Traditional Games, Japanese Animation, Japanese Technology, Japanese Music, Traditional Japanese Clothes, Japanese Food, Studying in Japan and BJFA UBD Chapter
Demonstration and Workshops Schedule:

12th March @ 3:30pm - 5pm :- Koto Performance (Traditional Japanese Stringed Instrument), Kendo, Karate, Aikido Demonstration, Tea Ceremony, calligraphy Demo

13th March @ 10am - 5pm :- Koto Workshop (3pm)

14th March @ 10am - 5pm :- Origami Workshop (2:30pm) and Bonodori (Japanese Festival Dance) Workshop (3:30pm)

15th March @ 10am - 4:30pm :- Fish cutting and Sushi Making Demo (3pm)

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