Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dec 17th-19th: ESQ (Emotional and Spiritual Quotient) Training Session

Dates: December 17 to 19 2007
Venue: LR Asma hotel, Jerudong
About Training Session:
Designed to assist in the development of human resources in Brunei
The ESQ 165 training programme is a model that combines spiritual, emotional and intellectual intelligence to develop and improve the individual's way of life and outlook
The number 165 represents the model of characters it is built on: One Value, Six Pillars of Islamic Faith (Principles) and Five Pillars of Islam (Actions)
Aims to impart the skill of combining all capabilities to get the best out of a person For more details, interested parties can contact: 2341103, 2331722 (fax) and 8123165 (hotline)


tukang pin said...

Saya baru tahu kalau ada trainin ESQ 165 di Brunei. Is it the same training as I thought? From Ary Ginanjar? Semoga training yang bermanfaat...

cupcake said...

bah sapa tau pasal and bila next training ESQ email aku arah im hoping it will take place time school holiday kali ani.