Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Sept 9th: World Heart Day (Updated)

Date: Sunday, September 9th 2007
Venue: Jerudong Park Playground


  • Aerobics & Walk A Jog around Jerudong Park
  • Quiz on Heart Disease - Get information on heart disease from posters in particular shops
  • Demonstration on healthy food by some of the top hotels in Brunei Darussalam at Jerudong Park Playground
  • Colouring contest for Youth & Children (Registration forms for the colouring contest will be available at the National Dental Centre at the Old Airport, Berakas)
  • Food demonstrations, street soccer and a colouring contest
  • Attractive prizes to be won such as nokia phone, canon scanner and electrical applicances
For more information, contact: 2380989 or 2611883
For colouring contest, contact: Siti Norhidayati or Habibah @ 2380426 ext 443
For Street Soccer, contact: Awg Haji Osman @ 2381640 ext 7749 or Awg Abd Murad @ 2611883

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