Tuesday, April 17, 2007

April 18th: Lecture on "Legitimate Child Order Under Islamic Family Law"

Date: Wednesday, April 18th 2007
Time: 2pm
Venue: Chancellor Hall Lecture Theatre, UBD
Title of Lecture: "Legitimate Child Order Under Emergency Order (Islamic Family Law) 1999 Implementation and its Difficulties"
Presented by: Datin Dr Hajah Saadiah binti Datu Haji Tamit (Director of the Academy of Brunei Studies, UBD)

  • Highlight the authentication of a newborn child, whether the child was conceived by both parents during a legal marriage or if the child was born out of wedlock

  • Children born out & wedlock are those who are born less than approximately six months from the date of the marriage registration, and also children born as a result of rape case - considered to be children who are not legally authenticated

  • Discuss the entitlement of children who are not legally authenticated in terms of their legal rights, and especially the difficulties in custody, child support and livelihood

Open to: All members of the public
Admission: Free
For more information, contact: 2463001 ext 179 / 1455

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