Thursday, March 15, 2007

Catch The Titans at The Holiday Lodge

Who are The Titans:

  • Local six-piece band in Brunei

  • Comprise drummer (Dafy), bassist (Juri), keyboardist (Ikram), lead guitarist/band leader (Ejal), and two soloists (Adi and Khairy)

  • Excels in covers, dabble in genres and languages effortlessly - singing in Japanese, Mandarin and Tagalog

  • Favourite genres include jazz, alternative, rhythm and blues, and dangdut
When: Every wednesdays and saturdays
Times: 8pm - Midnight
Venue: All Sports Cafe, Holiday Lodge, Jerudong
Price: $5 (including drinks)
For more information, contact: 2611618 or email
Photo credit: Borneo Bulletin

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