Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Take Part in Story Writing with Akiba Tamami

Who's Akiba Tamami: Internatioal Illustrator from Japan
Her Project:

  • Wants to produce a book on Brunei and its culture
  • The book will be in two languages - Japanese & Malay
  • Book dedicated to introducing Brunei's culture, personality & development
  • Book due published in June
How To Take Part in Project
  • Children writers below age of 15 - may include animal stories or myths
  • Brunei Myths - dedicated in exposing local Brunei culture
Deadline for handing stories: Monday, February 5th 2007
Other info:
  • Selected stories will feature Ms Tamami's illustrations and photograph of author
  • Writers will also be presented with several editions of the book
Contact: 2237860 or email

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