Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Empire Hotel Handmade Chocolates

Available in gift boxes:

  • 8 pieces - B$ 14.00
  • 16 pieces - B$ 26.00
  • 49 pieces - B$ 74.00
  • 98 pieces - B$136.00
The chocolates can also be personalised (Need to pre-order)

Flavours: Hazelnut Praline, Cappuccino, Bitter Sweet Cocoa, Tongkat Ali, Lavender, Lime Lokum, Durian Ganache, Pandan Leaf, Saffron, Buttermilk Caramel, Tahaa Vanilla, Pisang Emas, Kelapa, Fruity Nuts, Milk Chocolate and Chilli Truffle

Made by:
  • Siti Amira
  • Talented 22-year-old Bruneian
  • Makes an average of 1,000 pieces a day
  • Created the unique recipes
Enquiries: Contact Lobby Lounge at 2418888 ext. 5008 or here

(Source for Photo: The Empire Hotel)

1 comment:

Gillian Perrett said...

These chocolates are amazing. My faves: saffron, durian, and chili ... yes honestly, chili chocoate is the best!